How to Choose the AC Adapters for Your Laptops

Laptops are portable devices that use a rechargeable battery as their power source. These batteries only last until they need to be recharged. For this purpose, laptops use power adapters that plug into an outlet. There are hundreds of different brands of notebooks on the market and each uses a different type and model of adapter. When looking for laptop adapters, owners need to check the model number and voltage, and current requirements for their laptops.

This information is used to find a compatible laptop adapter on the Internet. The voltage of the adapter must match the required voltage of the laptop. However, the amperage of the adapter may match or exceed the required amperage. Notebook owners also need to purchase the correct adapter type. Barrel connector lugs are the most commonly used type for portable devices. Another option is to find a universal power adapter that can adapt the power settings to your laptop and comes with multiple connector lugs.

Laptops Use DC Power

All laptops use direct current power to work. Direct current is electrical energy that flows sequentially in one direction. Ideally, power flows to the laptop. Most wall outlets use alternating current (AC), which is constantly changing but results in positive current flow. Notebooks cannot operate on this power source, so an adapter is required to convert the current from the wall outlet to DC power.

Types of Adapters for Laptops

Laptops use two main types of power adapters: AC adapter and DC adapter. Also known as chargers, these adapters help convert electricity from a wall outlet into a form suitable for use on a laptop.

AC Adapter

The AC adapter converts AC power from a wall outlet, which is found in most homes, to DC power used by most small household appliances. Laptops use DC power. This is the type of power provided by batteries that most laptops use to keep going when the wearer is mobile.

DC Adapter

Laptops use DC power, so there is no need to use a DC adapter when connected to DC power. However, most DC power supplies provide a voltage that is too low for the laptop’s needs. A DC power adapter is needed to convert this power into a higher voltage that the laptop can use to charge the battery or operate. DC power supplies include cars, onboard outlets, and solar panels or batteries.


Laptops require power cords and adapters to charge their batteries. There are two main types of laptop AC adapters: AC and DC power adapters. Each of them converts electrical energy from a power source into a form that can power a laptop. These adapters must provide the correct voltage, plug type, and amperage. This is essential to properly charge your laptop. There are several different types of connectors, and only one will fit any laptop.