What is a pomelo fruit?

Pomelo is the largest citrus fruit out there which looks more like a grapefruit from the outside. They are also known by the names pompelmoes or shaddock. Their color ranges from yellow to green with a cream color interior which is usually sweet. The one with pink interior is sour in taste. Some may large seeds or have no seeds at all. Pomelo can be used in a variety of ways. They can be consumed on their own simple, or are widely used in desserts or dressings of salad. Many beverages are also made using pomelo fruit and pineapples.

What are the health benefits of pomelo?

  1. It is a highly nutritious fruit with loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The amount of vitamin C that is present in pomelos is an excellent immune booster which prevents cellular damage. Another mineral which is present in abundance in this fruit is potassium which aids in fluid electrolyte balance of the body.
  2. Pomelos contain a lot of fiber. The insoluble fiber is excellent for people who often complain about being constipated. This fiber also tends ot maintain our body weight and is very healthy for our gut and brain.
  3. If you are up for a weight loss journey, pomelo is definitely your fruit. Such a big fruit only contains 200 to 230 calories. Containing a lot of protein and fiber will remove your appetite for longer periods of time.
  4. Free radicals can cause a lot of cellular damage to our bodies. Pomelos which are rich in antioxidants like dragon fruit which help to fight these free radicals and prevent the cellular damage. Mainly, pamelos contain naringenin and naringin which are common in citrus fruits. Along with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, they are also anti-aging.
  5. Pomelos are responsible for removing damaging fats in our bodies. Pomelo are responsible for preventing absorption of cholesterol from food into our bodies.
  6. Pomelo peels have certain essential oils which gives it anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.

What are some of the ways to use a pomelo?

  1. Pomelos can be used for making jams, jellies and marmalades. These can prove to be excellent for breakfast, applying it on a piece of bread with fresh pomelo juice. They are made the same way as orange marmalades are made.
  2. They are widely used in fruit salads, typically for garnishing. Apart from garnishing, their juice can be added in the salad to give them an exotic citrus taste.
  3. Fresh juice can be made from pomelo which is super delicious and even healthier for our bodies. Their peel, however should be discarded since it has a very bitter taste.
  4. Like other citrus fruits like lemon, oranges etc, the juice of pomelos can be used for marinating of raw meat, in order to enhance their flavor.
  5. Dried pomelos can be great snacks if you add a little sugar in them.

Who should avoid pamelos?

The high quantities of vitamin C and potassium can prove to be a little hazardous for patients with liver and kidney diseases. Due to its effect on fluid electrolyte balance, patients with hypertension should consult with their doctors before they add pomelos in their diet.