What is PrematureEjeculation? 

In this video, I’ll talk about my thoughts on sexandcreation, and then I’ll talk about premature ejeculation. This surgical procedure is the most common solutiont of this issue.

In nature, the primary purpose of reproduction is toensure that the eggs are fertilized properly. If women were toclimax before men, then most sexual intercourses would be cutshort. This was because men were designed toclimax before women to ensure that the fertilization of the eggs would take place.

In modern times, the desire to have sex with each other has become more important than the need to nourish the eggs. With the handicap of creation that men have, their sexual intercourses can become more problematic. In societies where circumcision is commonly performed, the sensitivy of the penis can improve.

Although early climax is considered normal, it is a medical condition that can be treated through sexual psycho therapy. Aside from this, certain procedures can also be performed to improve the sexuala rousal. For instance, micro norr has that are caused by circumcis can be treated to extend the ejeculation time.

Before the operation can be performed, it is important that the patient is thoroughly examined and mapped out. If you are a candidate for this procedure, then the surgery can be planned. Pre mature ejeculation surgery is usually performed on men with a high success rate.

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